What people are saying about Jean’s music:

“Having been in the business for some years, I am not often intrigued by the quality and musicality of the clients I encounter. But this was different – strong instrumental and vocal melodies, accomplished piano playing and intelligent musical and lyrical composition. Jean Hilbert is an amazing songwriter and has only begun to explore the depths of her talents.”
Michael Cutsforth, MC Audio

Dear Jean:
What a delightful and positive music experience we had with you last Sunday. Thank you for sharing your talents and those of your friends. God bless you all and have Blessed Christmas & Happy New year.
Carl & Stevie

Just a note to thank you for sharing your amazing musical talent with us and others. I was so proud of you at the concert, I got ‘teary-eyed’ several times. Keep up the great work – it brings joy to many!

Just a note to say thank you once more for your music yesterday. What a gift God has given you and it’s so wonderful that you’re using it. I had so many good comments from our church people. They enjoyed it so much and so did I. You are welcome at our church any time.
Yvonne Lienau

Dear Jean:
Thank you so much for your CD “Heaven’s Dance”. “Heaven’s Dance” is wonderful. “The Stars that Night”, “Prayer of My Heart” and “Winter Night” are gorgeous. We are so glad we had the opportunity to get to know you this year.
Duncan and Ranae

Dear Jean & Barney:
Jean, you don’t know me but I was a co-worker of Barney’s when I worked for the county. Just wanted you to know that my sister and I enjoyed the concert you and Christopher gave tonight. I never realized Barney had such a talented wife. Your compositions ware grate and so captivating. I’ve seen Jean Hilbert’s tapes and CD’s but never realized you were Barney’s wife. How I enjoy the talent you have – the concert was great. Thank you again for an enjoyable evening.
Lois Jean Brodt

Scott and I saw your performance on April 29th. You were tremendous! We wish you continued success in following your dreams always.

Dear Jean:
Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us through the years. We feel blest to have known you. We’ll always treasure our memories of you as we listen to your meaningful CD’s. May God continue to bless you as you share your music.
Marv & Patricia

Dear Jean:
I received an email from my friend in Portland today. I sent him a copy a few months back and at the time he said how much he enjoyed it. Today he writes: “I was playing the Edge of October CD in my car on my day off. Very Nice! Jean Hilbert, when will you do the Heart of November?”

Dear Jean:
I received your CD “Edge of October”. It is such beautiful instrumental music! I’m in awe of your talent as a composer and pianist. Thank you.

Dear Jean:
Your CD came in today’s mail and I have played it several times already this afternoon. It is beautiful! I only hope I don’t wear it out. The only other CD of yours I have is Heaven’s Dance, do you have any others? Thank you so much for sending it pronto!Marian Anderlik

Dear Jean:
I play the Edge of October CD all the time, over and over again. I hope you keep composing and playing your beautiful music. Your music is as good as, and even better than the music we hear on TV. Thanks again!

Dear Jean:
We had freezing rain and snow today so I wasn’t sure the mail would come. I walked down the road to get the mail, and the second time I was rewarded with a package that I knew contained your music. I have played all the pieces in it several times. Your music is so lyrical and I totally love playing your pieces. Your music is so uplifting. Thank you.
Connie Biddinger

Dear Jean
Your Awesome Night CD is wonderful – just hope I don’t wear it out. I’ve already played it countless times! Thank you so much for sending it.
Marian Anderlik

Thanks so much for inviting us to your wonderful Christmas Concert. We surely did enjoy every minute of it.
Harold, Millie & Jerry

Coming to your home and enjoying the wonderful music is #1 of favorite things to do during the Christmas season. Thank you.
Joanne Chandler

We absolutely loved the afternoon! The music was lovely, (you are so talented) and the buffet was scrumptious. Thank you.
Gordon & Portia

Dear Jean,
You probably won’t remember me, but I remember you. I will tell you later on just why.
It has taken me a long time to get back to you.  I am the teacher who brought the young student with the 9 year long dream to play at Von Maur.  I listened to you play at the store the evening Lucy played her two little songs.  She was so excited, needless to say, and you were so kind as to sit and listen to her. She also thought you were awesome!!!

You inspired me.  I came home and listened to the CD Awesome Night that you so graciously gave to me.  I couldn’t believe we had such a wonderful performer in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area who kept herself so quiet while being such an outstanding musician.
Sister Mary Hauber

Need to drop you a note and let you know about one of Olivia’s school projects. She had to do it on herself through 12 years old. And part of her life has been to do the cover of the Raindrop Kisses with you. She took the CD to school and played the Song for Olivia for her class as part of her presentation. Her teacher fell in love with your music. So I will be passing on your website to her. She got an A on her presentation.
Olivia & Lisa

Unsolicited remarks:

I’ve listened to the CD several times and am very impressed. Everything about it is very well done.
There are 3 pieces I thought were outstanding. Behind the Haze, The Last Tear, and Mystery Dance.
Mystery Dance is my favorite. There are sections of it that have true power and depth. The few little notes at the end spoke to me. They said, “No easy answers . . . the mystery continues.” Congratulations!

I can’t quite pick out my favorite song just yet……but Flying Solo, Finding Home, Dance in the Morning Sun, The Last Tear, Through Mozart’s Eyes, Sunset on the Lake and Mystery Dance are the ones that stand out for me……
You are genius!!  really and truly a beautiful collection..congratulations Jean!!
I look forward to listening more (already imported to
my ipod) !

Thank you for your new CD….I’ve been listening to it for the past 2 days.  BEAUTIFUL !!!
You are SOOOOOOO talented as a composer/arranger/pianist – that you are able to write music for several different categories.  Man, how many people can say that !!!!!
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